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The Giant King

2013-06-19 19:05:46 by TitanMusic

Looks like my song, "The Giant King", is being pretty well received by NG so I just want to give thanks to everybody that has given it a listen, reviewed or rated it over the last couple of days. Probably the most listens any of my songs have ever gotten!

Got a new song coming out within the next couple of days which I am really proud of so see you all then and keep an eye out for "Empire"

Thanks again.

Titan Music

2013-06-11 13:28:47 by TitanMusic


Just going to be posting some trailer music and/or cinematic stuff I have been and will be composing during my holidays. Comments, criticism and suggestions are welcome as I am still new to this and will swallow my pride if the music I post is not to everybody's liking.

Hope everybody is well and enjoy.