The Giant King

2013-06-19 19:05:46 by TitanMusic

Looks like my song, "The Giant King", is being pretty well received by NG so I just want to give thanks to everybody that has given it a listen, reviewed or rated it over the last couple of days. Probably the most listens any of my songs have ever gotten!

Got a new song coming out within the next couple of days which I am really proud of so see you all then and keep an eye out for "Empire"

Thanks again.


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2013-06-20 05:02:20

Just found out your channel from comment you left to me and DAMN Im happy because of that!
You my friend are talented person! Will definetly check out every track you'll make :)

TitanMusic responds:

Thanks alot! Really appreciate the comment and feedback. It really does make all the effort worth it.


2013-06-24 14:32:25

I love your audio submissions!

TitanMusic responds:

Glad you appreciate them!


2013-06-28 01:09:53

Excellent music.

TitanMusic responds:

Thanks alot !