Entry #12

EP Released! Post Hardcore/Melodic Rock/Punk

2014-09-29 14:29:18 by TitanMusic


My band just released 'Others', a post-hardcore/punk/melodic rock EP. Give it a listen and let me know what you think!

For those more interested in my orchestral/trailer music endeveours I shall be writing a new EP of glorious trailer music soon!


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2014-09-30 00:18:27

Great clean vocals with awesome screaming. Excellent drumming and very nice melodic guitar. I wish you all luck with your hard work and hope it takes you places.

TitanMusic responds:

Thank you so much!


2014-09-30 11:08:36

This was pretty rad man, you guys totally ripped it! I can definitely see these tunes jiving with a lot of the stuff coming out of the East coast pop punk/hardcore scene. Keep up the good work, let us know if you end up posting any live stuff to Youtube, would love to see you rock it out live at a show!


TitanMusic responds:

Thanks a lot for the comment, frootza. I really appreciate it and I am sure the rest of the band will too. We are playing our first show since the launch(and my first show with the band) on the 18th so I will be sure to upload some videos and stuff. Thanks again, we really love the stuff coming out of the East coast at the moment!