Free Single: Melodic Rock/Post(y) Hardcore; Past Haunts

2014-09-15 05:53:37 by TitanMusic

Here it is, the first single off our upcoming EP. You can download Once Bitten for FREE from our Bandcamp page, the rest of the album will be available at the end of the month but the track listing and lyrics are up for now. Share if you dig it. Thanks for all the support!

Influenced by touche amore, gatherer, fossil but with singing :D haha. 4656345_141077479192_Others.png


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2014-09-15 06:42:23

First time hearing your stuff. Pretty solid sound, though it doesn't particularly stand out to me from songs of similar genres, aside from the unusual lyrics. Still, I like it! The clarity of your voice is nice; all too often, I find it hard to hear all the lyrics, but that wasn't an issue here.

The album art caught my eye. After looking at it for a second, the relatively simple shapes and colors quickly become a scene with intriguing depth and complexity. It's really nicely designed.

Great work!

TitanMusic responds:

Thank you for the honest and helpful feedback. We consider this to really be a foundation EP, letting our influences show from the start. From here we will hopefully define our own sound and, perhaps, cut out our own little niche in the genre.

The vocals are really nicely mixed, I must agree and we all love the artwork!

Thanks again.