Albuuuuuuuuuum released

2013-09-24 10:02:11 by TitanMusic

"At the Fall of Olympus" has finally been released.
Download it here for a whopping $1.
Perfect for trailers, games etc.
Most of the tracks are unreleased :D

Album trailer (Very pretty)


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2013-09-24 11:14:45

Nice and cheap! I'll bookmark and ponder. Not the type of music I'd traditionally listen to outside of a movie, but it's well done. Have you written any cinematic scores?

TitanMusic responds:

Thank you!
I wrote the score for a student film "The Corlin Initiative" last year but I don't have much time for projects like that. I wrote most of this in my last holidays just so that I can say "I did this"


2013-09-24 12:14:48

Woo, you did it man! :) Any thoughts on using this music for a movie?

TitanMusic responds:

Haha I did indeed. All the tracks are available for use in commercial and non-commercial works purely because I would love to see it used in trailers or movies at some point in time. So yeah. That would be awesome.
I would rather physically score something than just use these tracks but,alas, time is always the enemy.


2013-09-30 16:10:09

Fuck yeah! Immediate Music quality!!!

'Empire' is fucking eargasm.... D:

The choirs... sheeeeeeeeeet!

TitanMusic responds:

Thanks a lot man :D
As always, really appreciate your feedback!


2013-10-13 11:06:22

T.T I was underestimated your skills... sorry...