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Albuuuuuuuuuum released

9/24/13 by TitanMusic

"At the Fall of Olympus" has finally been released.
Download it here for a whopping $1.
Perfect for trailers, games etc.
Most of the tracks are unreleased :D

Album trailer (Very pretty)


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T.T I was underestimated your skills... sorry...



Fuck yeah! Immediate Music quality!!!

'Empire' is fucking eargasm.... D:

The choirs... sheeeeeeeeeet!

10/1/13 TitanMusic responds:

Thanks a lot man :D
As always, really appreciate your feedback!



Woo, you did it man! :) Any thoughts on using this music for a movie?

9/24/13 TitanMusic responds:

Haha I did indeed. All the tracks are available for use in commercial and non-commercial works purely because I would love to see it used in trailers or movies at some point in time. So yeah. That would be awesome.
I would rather physically score something than just use these tracks but,alas, time is always the enemy.



Nice and cheap! I'll bookmark and ponder. Not the type of music I'd traditionally listen to outside of a movie, but it's well done. Have you written any cinematic scores?

9/24/13 TitanMusic responds:

Thank you!
I wrote the score for a student film "The Corlin Initiative" last year but I don't have much time for projects like that. I wrote most of this in my last holidays just so that I can say "I did this"